Why is Palisade Bio Stock Trading Higher Today? – Palisade Bio (NASDAQ:PALI)

Palisade Bio Inc PALI shares are trading higher after the company announced the presentation of preclinical data of its lead asset, PALI-2108, at the Crohn’s & Colitis Congress.

The shares are trading higher to a heavy volume of over 84 million, compared to an average volume (100 day) of 288.181K, according to data from Biedex Markets Pro.

PALI-2108 is the company’s orally administered, locally acting colon-specific phosphodiesterase-4B (PDE4B) inhibitor prodrug in development for patients affected by moderate-to-severely active ulcerative colitis (UC). 

Mitchell Jones, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of Palisade Bio, commented, “PALI-2108 continues to demonstrate promise as a novel therapy for UC, with colon-selective bioactivation, an expanded therapeutic window, reduced CNS toxicity, potent PDE4 inhibitory activity, and impressive efficacy in preclinical models.”

In a DSS-induced UC mouse model, researchers observed a significant reduction in disease activity index (DAI) score over time compared to the control group. Notably, body weight loss was attenuated in specific dosage groups, showcasing the potential for targeted efficacy.

PALI-2108 incorporates a galactose-derived sugar moiety that allows minimal absorption until cleaved by the colonic bacterium enzyme β-glucuronidase. 

This feature ensures localized bioactivation, leading to colon-specific distribution with limited systemic exposure, as confirmed by a tissue distribution study. The colon/plasma AUC ratio exceeding 200 further highlights PALI-2108’s preference for the colon.

In addition, the company’s research demonstrates colon-selective bioactivation in oxazolone colitis-induced mice, negligible plasma levels in duodenal and ileal tissue, and comparable target engagement with other PDE4 inhibitors. 

Also, a tolerated dose study in dogs revealed no CNS toxicity or emesis over effective doses, addressing a critical concern associated with oral administration.

Price Action: PALI shares are up 125.2% at $1.18 on the last check Monday.