Why Does Tangie Smell So Fruity? Non-Terpene Compounds Include Guava, Papaya And Passionfruit

In a significant finding, Abstrax Tech’s research has unveiled a new class of compounds associated with the unique citrus and tropical scents found in specific cannabis strains. These compounds, identified by the terpene provider, are distinct from commonly known terpenes such as d-Limonene and belong to the category of sulfur compounds.

Tropicannasulfur Compounds

Cannabis varieties like Tangie from DNA Genetics, Tropicana Cookies and Starburst have long been recognized for their distinctive citrus and tropical aromas. However, the source of these fragrances remained elusive until the recent breakthrough in research.

According to the report, these unique scents are attributed to “tropicannasulfur compounds.” Through precise analytical techniques and focus groups, researchers at Abstrax Tech pinpointed these sulfur-containing molecules. Interestingly, the presence of sulfur not only contributes to tropical scents but also influences the gassy and skunky odors in other cannabis strains.

Exploring Beyond Terpenes: A Novel Class of Aromatic Compounds

Traditionally, limonene and other terpenes were believed to solely dictate the citrusy flavor and aroma in cannabis. Abstrax Tech’s latest research challenges this assumption.

The discovery of Tropicana sulfur compounds, including 3MH, 3MHA, and 3MB, reveals their significant contribution to the tropical, citrusy, and fruity scents in cannabis.

These compounds stand out for their blend of sulfur, citrus, and tropical aromas.

Understanding The Significance Of The Discovery

The identification of Tropicana sulfur compounds introduces a fresh perspective on the intricate aromas of cannabis. Classified as Tropicana sulfur compounds (TSCs), these discoveries shed light on the complex chemistry shaping the distinct fragrances of various cannabis strains. 

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