Tiffany Chin Takes The Cannabis Industry By Storm As CEO Of Death Row Cannabis

Tiffany Chin‘s story reads like a script from Hollywood to high-quality hemp. Swapping the entertainment industry for the cannabis scene, she’s taken the reins as CEO at Death Row Cannabis, blending boldness and business smarts. Make sure to catch her at the upcoming speaker at the Biedex Markets Cannabis Market Spotlight: California. Until then, here is how Chin became renowned in the cannabis world. 

Chin entered the cannabis industry by joining Casa Verde Capital and launching Leafs by Snoop. These were strategic decisions aimed at seizing opportunities in a promising industry. While working at Casa Verde Capital, Chin played a crucial role in establishing the firm as a leader in cannabis venture capital. Her leadership at Leafs by Snoop went beyond building a brand and creating a presence. Her partnership with Canopy allowed Leafs by Snoop to expand its reach into Canada from 2015 to 2017, a critical period for the brand’s international growth. Under Chin’s guidance, Leafs by Snoop achieved impressive success, with annual sales of over $50 million.

In Colorado, Chin’s collaboration with LivWell wasn’t just about product development; it was about understanding what cannabis consumers were craving. The result was a range of products that landed in about 500 stores, a testament to her ability to capture market trends.

The move to Michigan in 2023 was another clever chapter in Chin’s cannabis chronicle. Teaming up with Pleasantrees, this expansion grew the business. Also, it helped weave Death Row Cannabis into Michigan’s unique mix of music and cannabis culture. With Pleasantrees’ cultivation expertise, the partnership was as much about quality as it was about cultural fit.

Speaking on global expansion at the 2023 Biedex Markets Cannabis Conference, Chin remarked, “It’s not just a phrase; it signifies the older generation’s acceptance and adoption of cannabis,” stressing the broadening demographic appeal and international reach of the cannabis industry​​.

In the same discussion, Chin highlighted the social aspect of cannabis consumption and its potential expansion into sports venues through partnerships with cannabis beverage brands. She noted, “Partnerships with cannabis beverage brands becoming sponsors in these facilities are on the horizon,” anticipating a blend of cannabis culture with mainstream entertainment and sports events​​.

Don’t let her shift from entertainment to cannabis fool you — Chin has a history of managing mammoth projects and Snoop Dogg’s first hip-hop residency in Las Vegas. That was all Chin, proving her mettle in managing high-stakes, high-profile gigs.

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