This Cannabis Beverage First To Be Featured In New Nabis Marketplace Program, ‘New Year, New Age Weed’ – Resonate Blends (OTC:KOAN)

This Cannabis Beverage First To Be Featured In New Nabis Marketplace Program, 'New Year, New Age Weed' - Resonate Blends (OTC:KOAN)

Resonate Blends, Inc. KOAN announced that Koan Cordials will be the first brand featured in a new Nabis Marketplace Program initiative which aims to highlight the stories of boutique and equity-owned brand partners within their portfolio.

Kicking off January 11th, 2023, the Nabis Marketplace is rolling out its “New year, new age weed” program which will spotlight products in various wellness and trending “new age” product categories.

Koan Cordials was selected to be featured as the “Boutique brand spotlight” for Nabis Marketplace’s Dry January product category. Koan Cordials can either be ingested as a shot or mixed with any non-alcoholic beverage – hot, cold, sweet, or savory. They come in seven experience options: Calm, Create, Delight, Love, Play, Wonder, and Sleep.

“Nabis has initiated this program to help boutique businesses amplify their unique brand stories,” stated Jen Seo, Nabis director of marketing and partnerships. “This leads to more curated user experiences for retailers and helps democratize the cannabis space through digital shelf space. We believe this program greatly benefits our brand and retail partners.”

Geoff Selzer, CEO of Resonate Blends, stated, “We are thrilled that Nabis chose Koan Cordials as their initial brand to feature at the launch of this exciting boutique and equity-owned brand highlights program. We have been seeing guests enjoying Koan Cordial cocktails in the new cannabis consumption lounges springing up across California. Our new Multi-serve bottles are an increasingly popular way to serve Koan Cordial cocktails for home entertainment as well. This initiative by Nabis is a great way to help dispensaries to clearly understand the Koan Cordial’s full value proposition.”

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