The best features coming to iPhone this fall

Apple’s iOS 15 update will bring lots of new features to your iPhone when it launches this fall. Apple announced the latest iPhone software this week during its big annual developer conference, when it highlighted some of the changes.

The update will give you more options for FaceTime video chat including, yes, finally talking with friends on Android. It also brings new privacy features that help protect your email and show you how often apps access things such as your camera and microphone. And later this winter, you may even be able to add your driver’s license to Apple Wallet, depending on where you live.

There are a lot of changes, but I’m going to highlight some of the ones that stand out most to me. They’re available for developers to test now, and anyone will be able to test a beta version starting in July. Otherwise, expect to see these on your iPhone in the fall. The software will be available for the iPhone 6s and newer.

FaceTime SharePlay

FaceTime with Android and Windows users

Your driver’s license in Apple Wallet — and keys, too!

New iMessage features

Identify animals, items and plants in photos

Block out messages and notifications at certain times with Focus

Big changes to Apple Maps

Updates to the Safari browser including searching the web by voice

Translate, copy and interact with text in photos

Improved Spotlight search

Privacy report 

Privacy protections in iCloud+ and Mail

Siri gets faster

Create legacy contacts so they can access your account when you die

And more

There’s a lot more in iOS 15, including changes to AirPods that can help you hear conversations better, new widgets for Apple Apps, systemwide translation and more. But these were some of the highlights that stuck out to me. Also, remember, sometimes Apple introduces a few new features that require the hardware in the newest iPhones, so expect some other changes in the fall.

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