Soldiers And Cops Increasingly Allowed To Use Cannabis Globally, From South Africa To Canada, And More Global Updates

Army Can’t Be Excluded From Marijuana Laws, South African DOJ Says

Members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) can’t be excluded from laws around cannabis for private consumption that are currently being crafted in the African country. On the contrary, the law would then be deemed unconstitutional, according to the country’s Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, reported News24.

South Africa’s National Assembly gave the green light to the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill late last year, potentially paving the way for the legalization of personal cannabis use. That move followed a 2018 judgment that decriminalized private cannabis use.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, shared the public participation submissions related to the bill it received, with the select committee on security and justice.

SANDF raised some concerns related to the risks associated with its members using cannabis, in private and while on active duty.

However, the department reiterated that the legislation doesn’t allow SANDF members to use cannabis while on duty.

“The bill would be unconstitutional if it were to prohibit members of the SANDF from using cannabis in their private places,” the department said. “The bill operates equally for all in the country, including members of the SANDF, even if they are still on active duty. However, the bill does not permit members to use cannabis while on duty.”

Government-Funded Australian Program Offers Chance To Learn Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation

Federation TAFE, in collaboration with GemKom, an agricultural technology company, intends to kick off an accredited pilot course in the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis starting this year, reported Times News Group.

The project, funded with a $1.6 million grant from the State Government’s Workforce Training Innovation Fund, is expected to create a new wave of medicinal cannabis technicians and cultivators.

Federation University Provost Liam Sloan, said the initiative will result in a sizable number of cannabis job opportunities.

“The design and development of these courses present many opportunities for Federation TAFE and the communities in which we operate, including the potential for hundreds of jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, research and development,” Sloan said.

Those interested would be able to obtain the Certificates III and IV in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production, with a Certificate IV course for industry supervisors and managers being planned to launch in 2025.

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Canada Loosens Cannabis Restrictions For Cops

In the meantime, the members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police can use cannabis, as long as they are fit for their duties when they report for work.

The newly enforced policy comes instead of a 2018 rule under which front-line officers, among other employees, were not allowed to use recreational cannabis for four weeks before coming on duty, reported

The National Police Federation, which stands behind nearly 20,000 RCMP members that have been advocating for the cause for years, praised the policy change as the prior law was “not consistent with the police universe.”

However, RCMP employees can’t be impaired while on duty.

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