Ring’s Spotlight Cam Pro Packs in 3D Motion Detection to Provide a Bird’s Eye View

Ring’s Spotlight Cam Pro Packs in 3D Motion Detection to Provide a Bird’s Eye View

Ring is known for its video doorbells, DIY and highly customizable alarm systems, and a line filled with a camera to fit anyone’s needs. And at Amazon’s Fall Devices Event the security and monitoring brand announced two new cameras: the Spotlight Cam Pro and Spotlight Cam Plus.

Both are 1080pHD single-lens cameras with built-in LED lights and a few different models to fit different needs. For instance, a battery powered option, one that is hard-wired, and one with a Solar Panel. The Pro is definitely a bit more Pro with Ring’s Birds Eye View detection which lets you see a path of how someone is moving around.

Ahead let’s unpack the Spotlight Cam Pro, Spotlight Cam Plus, and a new accessory for a Ring Alarm system.

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Spotlight Cam Pro and Plus: What You Need to Know

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro (starting at $229 at Amazon)

Ring’s Spotlight Cam Pro will be the new flagship outdoor security camera that the brand offers. It costs $249.99 with a Solar Power bundle or $229 with either a Battery or a standard plug. You’ll get a mount in the box as well, so you can pick the perfect spot and, during setup, position it for the ideal view on your property.

It should provide a clear view in day or night (aka lower lighting conditions) thanks to a 1080p HD lens that supports night vision. And like the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, it sports two bright LED lights on the left and right side of the Spotlight Cam Pro. And giving it the “Pro” name are 3D Motion Detection sensors.

It’s a pretty high tech stack and lets you use the Bird’s Eye View function, which is essentially a top down view of your home (or where this is mounted, could be your driveway or backyard) and Ring can plot the track of someone as they move across your yard. This way if you’re getting a package delivered and ask for it to be left on the side of your home, you can track to make sure that is where it ended up. Bird’s Eye View is available when viewing a live feed from the Spotlight Cam Pro or when reviewing a record event.

There are also privacy controls to enable or disable this, as well as to carve out your portion of the property. You’ll also be able to see if someone who shouldn’t be around is indeed around … and you can sound the siren. And thanks to a broader update to Bird’s Eye View, which is also coming to the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro and the Video Doorbell Pro 2, you’ll have more control in-app for adjusting and creating the Bird’s Eye View zones.

The Spotlight Cam Pro is up for preorder now in three configurations — battery, plug-in, or solar — starting at $229.99 and will begin shipping in Oct.

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (starting at $199.99 at Amazon)

Now as a more affordable option or for folks who don’t want 3D Motion Detection, Ring is updating the Spotlight Cam. It sports a similar, more modern boxy design to that of the Pro. Complete with a 1080pHD lens in the middle and two bright LEDs on the side. It also features Night Vision, motion detection alerts, and two-way talk as well as siren.

Ring’s Spotlight Cam Plus is up for preorder now at $199.99 in Solar, Battery, Wired, and Plug-In models. It will begin shipping in Oct.

An Updated Panic Button for Ring Alarm

Alongside the new Spotlight Cam Pro and an updated Spotlight Cam Plus, Ring is also rolling out a slightly upgraded Alarm Panic Button. Now in its second generation, it still sports a circular round design with a single button, but you’ll be able to call for specific services as well as just sounding a panic alarm. Those specific services include fire or medical, and they will be selectable from the Ring app.

The second-generation Ring Alarm Panic Button is available for preorder now at $29.99.

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Written by Andrea Davies