Real Estate Mogul Turned Cannabis Connoisseur: CEO Aaron Edelheit’s Journey

Aaron Edelheit, the CEO of MindSet Capital and upcoming speaker at the Biedex Markets Cannabis Market Spotlight: California, has a story that takes an unexpected twist from real estate into the cannabis world.

From real estate mogul to cannabis connoisseur, Edelheit’s journey into the green rush began with a gummy that turned sleepless nights into a deep dive into the cannabis industry. 

“I’m a workaholic, driven in ways I can’t fully grasp. A low-dose gummy was a game-changer, allowing me to finally get some rest despite having three young kids at home,” says Edelheit, “That was just the start. I needed to know more to dive deeper into the cannabis world. And what I found was truly fascinating,” 

Motivated by his own experience and armed with a new-found fascination for cannabis, Edelheit launched a dedicated cannabis fund in late 2021. His approach is about studying companies that show they’re surviving and thriving through smart operations and solid business models.

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Edelheit’s optimism about cannabis doesn’t waver in the face of the industry’s complex regulations and unpredictable market shifts. He sees the ongoing growth and broader acceptance of cannabis as clear signs of an industry that’s here to stay and evolve. “Despite all of these challenges, cannabis continues to grow. Adoption continues to grow,” he observes, highlighting the nature of the cannabis landscape.

As Edelheit prepares to take the stage at the Biedex Markets Cannabis Market Spotlight: California, his excitement is contagious. He’s hinting at something big on the horizon: a project that promises to bring “exciting” and “massive” developments to the cannabis space.

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Image: RichardT/Unsplash