Prince Harry Talks About His Experiences With Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms And Weed

Prince Harry Talks About His Experiences With Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms And Weed

This article by Lucía Tedesco was originally published on El Planteo and appears here with permission.

In his new autobiography entitled “Spare,” Prince Harry of England shared how he ended up talking to a toilet and laughing with a garbage can after taking drugs.

The son of King Charles III said that at the age of 31 he consumed psychedelics from a box of chocolates made of mushrooms with his friends at a party in California. Although he claimed to have consumed psychedelics for recreational and also therapeutic purposes at other times, the next thing he remembered from that night was being in the bathroom, while a metal waste basket was watching him. When he stepped on the pedal of the basket and the lid opened, the basket looked like a big smile, which made him laugh. This is in addition to the fact that he saw the toilet turn into a head with an open mouth that said “AAAAHH,” according to excerpts published by The Sun.

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In the book, the Duke of Sussex expressed that psychoactive substances provided him with an escape from his reality and allowed him to redefine it. He also said he was able to feel differently the times he used cocaine when he was 17 years old. However, he admits that this substance was not fun for him nor did it make him happy, that he was only looking to break the established order of that time for a while. As for cannabis, he revealed that he smoked the plant at Kensington Palace and while studying at Eton College.

Harry’s behavior never went unnoticed by the critical eye of the media. On several occasions, he was photographed drunk at night in London, and even once naked in Las Vegas. Such events were not ignored by the crown. In 2002, on the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry was questioned for the use of illegal drugs, because in the UK mushrooms and cocaine are “Class A” drugs, whose penalty for possession is seven years.

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Spare’s publication generated controversy in the reign of Charles III, who decided to remove his son from the guest list for his coronation, which will take place at Westminster Abbey next Saturday, May 6.

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