NFL Legend Jim McMahon To Focus On Cannabis Advocacy During Super Bowl Week Event

While the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers prepare for their Super Bowl showdown, another competition is lining up in Las Vegas — one for the well-being of retired athletes and, as a potential alternative to prescription drugs, cannabis.

Leading the charge is Jim McMahon, the iconic Chicago Bears quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion. McMahon, whose tournament debuted last year in Arizona, said he wants to send a “message to the NFL about the power of cannabis as an alternative to opioids and other harmful prescription drugs.”

McMahon and the Revenant cannabis brand are hosting the Gridiron Greats Celebrity Golf Classic at Mountain-Angel Park Golf Club Feb. 9. The goal is to raise funds and provide crucial financial grants and pro bono medical help to retired NFL players facing hardship. McMahon co-founded Revenant with former NFL players Kyle Turley and Eben Britton in 2021.

Choosing Cannabis

McMahon told Fox News Digital that cannabis helped him get off the pain pills he was taking and helped him sleep and eat.

“Cannabis is a much better option than the pills that they gave you all those years to play and to get through games. We all have a cannabinoid system in our bodies. You’re supposed to be using this plant. It’s not a drug. It’s a medicinal herb,” he said.

The Gridiron Greats’ mission extends beyond the golf course and cannabis. Turley was recently in New Hampshire, lobbying presidential candidates about the SAFER Banking Act, legislation that would grant protections to banks and federally regulated financial institutions seeking to serve state-legal marijuana businesses.

“As someone who has firsthand experience of recovery through cannabis and serving in the industry, I understand the significant positive impact passing these laws and bills will have on our country,” said the former NFL offensive tackle in New Hampshire.

McMahon Eyeing Politics?

While McMahon might not be on the ballot himself, he joked about presidential aspirations: “What would I change? Let’s start with term limits!”

While Super Bowl week in Vegas will be all about the big game, McMahon says he wants to remind people that support for former athletes’ well-being and responsible cannabis access should also have a spot on the bench.

“We’re going to make a little noise, grow our brand, and make people aware of this plant. We’ll see what happens,” McMahon said.

Photo of Jim McMahon: Rarrarorro and Bukhta Yurii on Shutterstock and Staff Sgt. Bronco Suzuki on Wikimedia Commons.