Legacy Operators Drive ‘Quality And innovation’ In Cannabis Market, Says Industry Leader: How Tech Meets Tradition In California’s Booming Weed Sector

In the green fields of California’s cannabis industry, Aaron Selverston stands tall, a creative driving change with a mix of passion and pragmatism.

Selverston is just one of many speakers who will be at Biedex Markets Cannabis Market Spotlight: California and as the VP of corporate development & technology at Talarya Brands, his journey from inception to industry leadership is a beacon for innovation and resilience.

Charting the Course Through Challenges

Selverston’s thoughts on the cannabis industry’s intricacies, especially legacy operators’ hurdles in adapting to regulated markets, have been crucial.

At Biedex Markets’s virtual Cannabis Capital Conference in 2021, he shed light on the expertise and talent at risk of being overshadowed by regulatory limitations, stating, “Quality and innovation in California’s cannabis market have always been driven by legacy operators,” thus stressing the need to bridge past wisdom with future growth.

Embracing Technological Frontiers

Selverston’s strategic vision led to implementing a unified technology platform at his previous company, Radiant Canna, significantly enhancing supply chain efficiency for cannabis brands.

This advancement was bolstered by a successful $6 million seed funding round, highlighting Radiant Canna’s pivotal position within the industry. “Our round was oversubscribed, a powerful testament to the company we’re building,” Selverston said during a previous Biedex Markets Cannabis Capital conference.

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Image: TalaryaBrands AaronSelverston/Linkedin