JPMorgan restricts staff use of ChatGPT

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UK proposes new AI rulebook

JPMorgan Chase is restricting employee use of the ChatGPT AI-powered chatbot.

The move, first reported by The Telegraph, applies to staffers across the firm but was not prompted by a specific incident.

Rather, it is part of broader controls around the use of the third-party software in a heavily-regulated industry.

JPMorgan is one of several banks that has recently been hit with huge fines over employee use of WhatsApp t communicate with clients.

ChatGPT, which generates text in response to prompts, became a sensation when it was released into the wild by developer OpenAI late last year.

The technology is widely seen as having a huge number of applications across a swath of industries, including financial services.

However, with concerns over issues such as bias and accuracy, and a regulatory landscape still adapting to the technology, financial services firms are proceeding with caution.

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