Jeff Bezos’ job is ‘legal actions against SpaceX’ Starlink

Jeff Bezos, left, and Elon Musk

Getty Images; Reuters

Elon Musk fired his latest shot across the bow at Jeff Bezos on Wednesday, as the two billionaire founders’ companies spar in front of federal regulators over satellite internet.

After Amazon asked the Federal Communications Commission to dismiss SpaceX’s latest amendment to its Starlink satellite network, Musk emphasized his company’s response that Bezos is exceptionally litigious.

“Filing legal actions against SpaceX is *actually* his full-time job,” Musk wrote in a tweet.

Amazon did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

SpaceX on Aug. 19 filed a Starlink amendment with the FCC, outlining its plan for the Gen2 version of its satellite network.

Starlink is the company’s capital-intensive project to build an interconnected internet network with thousands of satellites, known in the space industry as a constellation, designed to deliver high-speed internet to consumers anywhere on the planet. While the Starlink service is still in beta, the company has over 100,000 users in 14 countries so far, with over half a million orders or refundable deposits placed by potential customers.

SpaceX has launched 1,740 Starlink satellites to date, and Gen2 is planned to have nearly 30,000 satellites in total.

Amazon’s dismissal request

SpaceX’s response