ID For Cannabis Purchases In Thailand, GOP Senator Signals MMJ Legalization, MN Bill Advances & More

ID For Cannabis Purchases In Thailand, GOP Senator Signals MMJ Legalization, MN Bill Advances & More

Retailers Will Ask For ID When Selling Cannabis In Thailand

Cannabis was decriminalized in Thailand in 2022, making it the first country in Southeast Asia to do so.

Since then, the country’s government has been issuing ad hoc regulations as a way to set up a regulatory framework for the sector.

One of the latest rules would require Thai nationals to show their ID cards when purchasing cannabis buds, reported Bangkok Post. In addition, sales information would have to be submitted by registered shops to the Department for the Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM).

Meanwhile, as a law to regulate the sector is pending Parliament’s decision, over 7000 retailers have reached out to get a license to sell cannabis.

GOP Senator Signals MMJ Could Soon Be Legal In KY

State Senate President Robert Stivers signaled that Kentuckians could see medical marijuana legalized, though on a limited basis, reported Kentucky Health News.

“I am working with others to see how we could get to a ‘yes’ to take care of those who are at the end of life,” said Stivers on KET’s “Kentucky Tonight.” Stivers is known for his opposition to cannabis. 

Why The Change of Heart?

Stivers said that patients in palliative care using medical marijuana (MMJ) should not be arrested or convicted.

“I’ve seen family members go through cancer treatments; in no way do I want to be unsympathetic,” he said. However, he wants more research to be undertaken on MMJ.

Meanwhile, thanks to Governor Andy Beshear‘s 2022 executive order, Kentuckians are officially allowed to legally possess up to eight ounces of MMJ if it was purchased in another state.

MN Marijuana Bill Sails Through First Committee Stop

House Democrats unveiled a wide-ranging bill last week allowing adults over 21 to buy, sell and use recreational cannabis. The measure would also automatically expunge low-level cannabis convictions.

The 250-page legislation from Rep. Zack Stephenson (DFL-Coon Rapids) advanced through the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday, according to the chambers’ website. House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee members greenlighted HF100, as amended by a voice vote sending it to the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee.

Although this is the first of at least a dozen committee stops for the measure, the move represents a step forward in long-awaited cannabis reform.

“Minnesotans deserve the freedom and respect to make responsible decisions about cannabis themselves,” Stephenson said. “Our current laws are doing more harm than good. State and local governments are spending millions enforcing laws and aren’t helping anyone with money that can be put to far better purposes. There is a better way.”

Another Texas City Wants To Decriminalize Marijuana

San Antonio activists filed petitions with over 37,000 signatures to place a measure to decriminalize low-level marijuana offenses on a May ballot, reported San Antonio Express-News.

Besides cannabis, the groups also seek to curb criminal investigations around abortion and law enforcement prohibitions.

“We’ve done this in about 2½ months, which is incredible, and I think shows that these issues resonate with San Antonio voters, and they want to see it on the ballot,” said Ananda Tomas, executive director of Act 4 SA, a police reform organization which is behind the push.

ND Senators Green-Light 50% Increase In THC Limit For MMJ Patients

North Dakota lawmakers greenlighted a measure that initially sought to double the amount of THC in products that MMJ patients can legally purchase for one month, reported InForum.

Senate Bill 2068, from Sen. Kristin Roers was approved by the chamber in a 33-14 vote, even though the Senate Judiciary Committee had given the bill a 4-3 “do not pass” recommendation. Next stop is the House of Representatives.

The measure raised the limit to 6000 milligrams from 4000 of THC in products such as tinctures and lotions, which patients could buy in 30 days.

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