Google policy update likely to favor Bitcoin ETFs

  • Google has a policy update scheduled for January 29 to allow some crypto products to be advertised.
  • Crypto market speculates that Bitcoin ETF ads could feature as issuers double down on commercials.
  • Financial products that allow investors to trade shares in trusts holding large pools of digital currency qualify for Google’s selection criteria.

Following the landmark approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded finds (ETFs) on January 10, BTC is now available on Wall Street, available for purchase by investors looking to trade shares in trusts that hold large pools of digital currency. In an interesting turn, Googles policy is going for this criterion as part of its next update.

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Google policy update could see Bitcoin ETF ads on the renowned search engine

Google has a scheduled crypto and related ads policy update on Monday, January 29, an update that will see some digital asset products feature on the search engine’s advertisement board. Bitcoin ETFs are likely to feature, considering the meet the selection criteria.

Google handles approximately 100,000 searches per second, accounting for nearly 90% global population. With such a vast reach Bitcoin ETF awareness is expected to rise significantly. The update to allow ads from “advertisers offering Cryptocurrency Coin Trust targeting the United States” is expected to increase the reach of this class of investment products.

With this calendar event due on Monday, market players in the crypto arena are already anticipating how it could bode well for the industry. Among them, renowned X user Crypto Tony says this is bullish for the industry.

It comes as marketing wars in the cryptocurrency space continue to escalate, with BlackRock, Bitwise, and Hashdesx already having their ad commercials out.

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