Elon Musk Has No Role At Bitcoin Mining Council, Say Founding Members – Tesla Motors (TSLA)

A coalition of Bitcoin miners known as the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) unveiled its official website earlier today while making sure to explicitly state that Elon Musk had no part to play in its operations.

What Happened: In response to an FAQ on its website dedicated specifically to address the Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO’s role, the council stated, “Elon Musk has no role at the BMC. The extent of his involvement was joining an educational call with a group of North American companies to discuss Bitcoin mining.”

After the call, Musk tweeted that his discussion with the North American miners, who were committed to publishing current and planned renewable energy usage when mining, was “potentially promising.”

However, Bitcoiners remained unimpressed with the CEO’s comments, with some suggesting he wants the right person to lead the debate around cleaner Bitcoin mining.

“Bitcoiners are still intensely skeptical of him, and they view him as conflicted frankly, given that his business partially involves the sale of offsets,” said Nic Carter, a partner at Castle Island Ventures.

The BMC describes itself as a voluntary and open forum of Bitcoin miners committed to the network and its core principles.

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The nine founding members included large crypto mining companies like Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:MARA), Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ:RIOT), and Mike Novogratz’s investment management firm Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS: BRPHF).

The council also said that any miner could join for no cost. The council claims to have already received an “enormous amount of interest” from miners across the world and expects its membership to grow quickly.

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