California Golf Club In Hot Water Over Illegal Weed Grow

A California private golf club allegedly operated an illegal cannabis operation, after authorities claimed to uncover thousands of dollars worth of cannabis products and paraphernalia.

What Happened: Investigators swarmed Fresno-based AOA Private Golf Club on Thursday, SFGATE reported, citing a press release from Fresno City Attorney’s Office.

Fresno City Attorney’s Enforcement Division, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and the Department of Cannabis Control were all part of the investigation process.

City Attorney Andrew Janz’s office said the exclusive Central Valley golf club operated its cannabis business for a “significant amount of time.”

In August, Fresno became the first city to join the Cannabis Administrative Prosecutor Program (CAPP) — announced by Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) — that seeks to curb illegal activities, by issuing citations, dispatching violation notices and orders to cease illicit operations.

Bonta stated earlier the initiative will work with local governments, offering them state support to counter illegal cannabis on two main fronts: as a public nuisance and a land-use issue.

“The City of Fresno will continue to work with our State partners to target illegal cannabis operations that hurt our legal cannabis industry,” Janz commented on the discovery. “This latest raid shows that illegal and illicit activities are occurring in all areas of our community, including places that appear reputable at first glance.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Mick De Paola on Unsplash