Blink Unveils Two New Home Security Products

Blink Unveils Two New Home Security Products

Amazon’s Fall Devices Event was packed to the brim with new gadgets from Echo, Fire TV, Ring, and Eero … but we can’t forget about Blink. Blink has become the ultra-affordable home security and monitoring brand with a selection of cameras and a doorbell that are priced competitively and are easy to use.

And alongside the bigger sister brand, Ring, they’re launching two new cameras today. The $59.99 Blink Mini Pan Tilt and the $99 Blink Wired Floodlight Camera. Both are coming soon, and the Pan Tilt option is available for preorder now.

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Now this one is pretty cool. The ultra-popular Blink Mini is a simple 1080pHD camera that gets plugged into a standard outlet. It’s an easy way to monitor an apartment or a room in your home. It’s available in two colors (black or white), and now Blink is rolling out the Pan Tilt accessory.

The Pan Tilt accessory is a mount that attaches to the Mini, and allows you to move it left, right, up and down from the Blink app for Android or iOS. You’ll also be able to control this via Amazon Alexa.

It’s up for preorder now at $29.99 for just the mount or $59.99 for a bundle of the Blink Mini with the mount. Amazon will begin to ship soon after. If you’re in the Ring ecosystem they also offer a similar motorized mount for the Stickup Cam.

The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is a 1080pHD camera that supports night vision to help you get a clear view in lower lighting conditions, and it’s flanked by LED lights for a bright 2,600 lumens. Essentially, you get the square camera in the middle, with two squares packed with LEDs above it. This allows for total flood light positioning.

What’s neat is that powering the entire thing is Amazon’s AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which is the same chip in the Echo Show 15. You’ll be able to set, via the Blink app, areas to be alerted for motion detection, you can even set it to only alert if a person enters the view. This way you don’t get a gazillion alerts daily with cars passing by or animals frolicking through. Powering this detection is the AZ2 processor, which also ensures that these detections are processed locally rather than being sent off to the cloud.

For setup, you’ll need to wire this and it’s likely best for the Blink Wired Floodlight Camera to replace an existing flood light. You can also store videos locally, rather than paying for storage through a Blink Subscription Plan, with a Sync Module 2. 

The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera will cost $99.99 and launches in the next few months. 

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