Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference Returns To Miami Beach In April: What’s On The Agenda?

Benzinga's Cannabis Capital Conference Returns To Miami Beach In April: What's On The Agenda?

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, the most successful cannabis business event in the world, is returning to Miami beach April 11-12, 2023. We’ve put together the two-day schedule of events, which will take place simultaneously on two stages at Miami Beach’s historic Fontainebleau Hotel

Have a look and keep checking back as we fill in the schedule with dozens of speakers from across the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Day One, Stage One, Tuesday, April 11

The conference will open at 9:25 am with opening remarks followed by the keynote speech.

9:50: We’ll jump right into a topic that has been on all of our minds: cannabis banking and the continued lack thereof.

Hopes were dashed this past December as the lame-duck session dragged to an end without passage of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, leaving cannabis businesses unable to access financial institutions. As companies continue to rely on all-cash operations, making them sitting ducks for robberies, we’ll discuss what we can and should do about this situation, which for many has become untenable.

10:50: What do cannabis businesses expect from elected officials in 2023? Officials and political analysts will be on hand to lead this important discussion. 

11:20: Where will cannabis growth occur in 2023? We’re thinking Florida, where legalization seems to be on the verge; Missouri, where voters overwhelming legalized adult-use marijuana in November’s midterms; and Illinois, where recreational weed sales hit a record-setting $1.5 billion in 2022.

1:20: What is the future of cannabis payments? Cashless payments? Are they viable for all sectors of the industry? What else is coming down the pike?

The rest of the afternoon of April 11 will be replete with engaging topics and discussions for investors, future investors and cannabis business owners who want to discuss what went awry this past year and what worked. And finally, what top COOs are saying about debt financing and streamlining for success. 

1:40: Choose Your Own Adventure in 2023: Buy, Sell, or Persevere

2:20: Course Correction: How to Rescue Your Cannabis Business

2:40: Debt Financing: The Industry’s White Knight in 2023

3:20: How Top COOs Are Streamlining Operations

Day One, Stage Two, Tuesday, April 11

9:  Opening remarks followed by Keynote

9:30:  The Evolution of Social Beverage Consumption

10:20: What Other Industries Teach Us About Identifying Buyer Persona 

11: Fireside Chat with Mike Gorenstein, CEO at Cronos Group

11:20: Funding an Inclusive Cannabis Future

11:40: A fireside chat followed by lunch at 12:00 

1:  Collision Course: Cannabis & The Future of Retail 

1:40:  How To Build Your Cannabis Empire

2:20:  Fireside with guest TBA

2:40:  Social Equity: Translating Policy Into Action

3:00:  The Value of Brands vs. The Value of Assets

3:40:  Are Conscious Consumers Demanding Sustainability & ESG?

4:20:  Closing Keynote and Closing Remarks

Day Two, Stage One, Wednesday, April 12

9:  Opening remarks followed by Keynote

9:50:  Conquering the Big Apple: Challenges & Opportunities of Operating in NYC

10:30: Fireside with guest TBA

10:50: Consolidation of the Global Supply Chain: Identifying the Advantages & Tradeoffs

11:30: Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Single State Operators Poised for Success

Noon: Lunch

1:   Afternoon Keynote

1:20:   Fireside with guest TBA

1:40:   How to Increase Operational Efficiencies & Mitigate Risks

The rest of the day on Stage One is still being arranged, so keep checking back.

Day Two, Stage Two, Wednesday, April 12

9:  Opening Remarks and Keynote

9:30:  How Top Retailers Are Battling Price Compression

10:20: How to Win Market Share & Master Your Product Categories

11: Fireside with guest TBA

11:20: Invest In Her

11:40: Fireside with guest TBA 

Noon: Lunch

1:  Intersection of Cannabis & Consumer Products

1:40:  House of Brands: How to Achieve Long-Term Success

2:20:  Fireside with guest TBA

2:40:  Panel with guest TBA

3:  Key Differentiators Amongst Medical Cannabis Brands

3:40:  Panel TBA

4:20:  Closing keynote and closing remarks

Be sure to get your tickets now for this premier gathering of cannabis investors and entrepreneurs before prices go up. 

See you there!

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Written by biedex markets