50% Discount On NYC Hotel Rooms & 5 Other Reasons To Stay At The Marriott Marquis For The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

50% Discount On NYC Hotel Rooms & 5 Other Reasons To Stay At The Marriott Marquis For The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

For those lucky enough and, dare we say, forward-thinking enough, to have signed up for this week’s Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, happening Oct. 14-15 in New York City, may we suggest that you take your already great decision to the next level?

Stay at the Marriott Marquis with us, where the event and its inevitable and invaluable networking will take place.

Why miss out on all that’s happening around the event, when you can be right in the middle of it?

Stay at the Marriott and comfortably hit the hotel bar for some after-hours networking. Meet new people in the hallways. Bump into your company’s next big investor at the fitness center, during your morning jog.

Beyond the fact that you’ll get rooms at a 50% discount and capitalize every minute of networking you may want to have, here are a few reasons to consider booking a room at the Marriott Marquis via Benzinga.

Avoid The Hassle And Save Money

Staying at the Marriott Marquis will allow you to avoid having to deal with getting around town, traffic, waiting for Ubers, taxis, etc.

Not that we dislike the lively streets of New York, but while the CCC is going on, you won’t want to miss out on any of it: Our event is jam-packed with industry insiders and investors from around the world who will be giving keynote speeches, fireside chats, company presentations and lots more. 

Save Some More Money

In addition to little practical matters like having a place to store the various items you’ll receive from the many companies attending the event, there is an even larger practical consideration: As a General Admission attendee, and if you stay with us at the Marriott Marquis, you’ll receive a $100 rebate on your ticket!

That is to say that, with our discount, you not only get a 4-star hotel at a 2-star price – amounting to a 50% off the full price for the Marriott, but you also receive a big discount on event tickets.

Savings start to rack up, don’t they?

Up, Down And Moving All Around

We, and thousands of others, are psyched about this amazing conference where we will finally relish in-person networking after such a long pandemic-enforced hiatus.

But, you may still have to take an important Zoom meeting. If you’re with us in the Marriott Marquis, you simply dash up to your room, get stuff done and you’ll be back to the conference in no time.

Bear in mind that more than $250 million have been raised at Benzinga’s previous fast-paced, networking-heavy conferences.

Who wants to miss out on that opportunity?

Stay Safe, For Real

Another practical reason for staying at the Marriott Marquis with the Benzinga team is that New York City is among the very best and most efficient cities in the nation when it comes to dealing with COVID-19 precautions. However, not all hotels are created equal: as some of our friends have shared, some places don’t take COVID guidelines as seriously as others.

The Marriott, however, takes COVID safety precautions very seriously, so we can all rest assured. All conference attendees and hotel guests are required to present valid proof of vaccination before entering public areas, and all of the staff is required to wear masks at all times.

And, if by chance, you are interested in getting a free COVID test while you’re in the Big Apple, they are available at various places around the city, including Times Square, exactly where the Marriott Marquis is located.

More About The Marriott

The Marriott Marquis is an iconic fixture of Times Square and brilliantly captures the vibrant energy and spirit of Manhattan. Located on West 46th Street and Broadway, the hotel positions its guests near some of NYC’s most exciting attractions including Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and the Theater District.

In addition to already well-known restaurants, add in the Marriott’s revolving dining room with 360-degree views of Manhattan – the only one like it in the city. Then there is the 24-hour fitness center, in-room dining, and 5,000 square foot M Club with its 100,000 square feet of space enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

And then there is Times Square itself and, yes, the Broadway theaters have finally opened.

Photo via Marriott.