3 Stocks to Buy to Ride the Fintech Wave Higher

Fintech growth stocks demonstrate innovative ideas and untapped possibilities in finance’s fast-changing environment. They change how we utilize money and banking. The worldwide fintech market was $257.26 billion in 2022. Estimates indicate it could reach $882.30 billion by 2030. Fintech market growth: how fast? The fintech market CAGR will be 17% from 2023-2030.

This growth pattern reveals a rich location to invest in for future profit. There are over 26,000 fintech firms worldwide, introducing innovative ideas to the field. Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD), with approximately 23 million users, and GoHenry and M1 Finance, which are redefining how consumers invest and interact with money, are examples.

Big financial movements demonstrate fintech’s strength and attractiveness, not merely new platforms or rising user groups. Visa’s (NYSE:V) daring $1 billion purchase of Brazilian fintech jewel Pismo demonstrates the financial world’s strength and vitality. This energy goes beyond industry leaders. Fintech startups in all categories are emerging, demonstrating the potential for disruptive and transformational solutions.

Getting to the top of finance is difficult. Early-stage and B2B companies are more likely to attract investors when the economy and investment climate evolve. Investors are wary yet hopeful. This requires a strategic shift that embraces new ideas and long-term business strategies. This balance is crucial for fintech success.

You need to do more than glance at trends and data to navigate fintech. Understand the latest financial technology advancements, performance indicators, and market variables affecting the future. This burgeoning industry offers a tempting mix of difficulties and opportunities for anyone who wishes to capitalize. Keeping up with fintech’s developments and complexities is crucial. With that in mind, let us dive into the world of fintech growth stocks with three alluring picks.

Affirm Holdings (AFRM)

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With an amazing 190% gain over the past year, Affirm Holdings (NASDAQ:AFRM) has become one of the best fintech growth stocks. This rise shows that investors are confident in its new ways of solving financial problems.

Affirm has been shaking up the world of fintech by creating payment solutions that are changing how people make a steady income. It was reported in December 2023 that Affirm had made news when it was added to Walmart’s self-checkout system. In particular, Affirm’s decision to work with Evolve changes the way people finance travel by getting rid of late fees and other surprises.

Even though there have been ups and downs, Affirm has continued to attract the attention of investors and analysts. People are looking forward to seeing how the company partners with other businesses, as an Amazon experience might go well with new ideas like a possible subscription service that would lock in 0% APR on purchases. These stories show how great Affirm’s journey has been in the fintech field.

In 2023, Affirm dominated business headlines. In Q3 and Q4, the business exceeded sales and earnings expectations, impressing investors. This boosted stocks. Other issues included margin pressure that forced Affirm to trim stock and halt its returns processing service.

Meanwhile, Mizuho analysts recognized Affirm’s Debit+ card’s widespread adoption as an opportunity. In 2023, Affirm had achievements and failures, demonstrating the fintech world’s craziness.

Affirm is a leader in the fintech industry because it combines smart relationships, cutting-edge technology, and customer-focused services. The company’s ability to react and thrive during market changes shows how strong it is and how fast it is growing. This makes it an interesting story in the world of fintech growth stocks.

Block (SQ)

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In the fast-paced world of fintech growth stocks, Block (NYSE:SQ) has emerged as a prominent contender, despite experiencing a 14% downturn over the past year. This setback, however, is just a small part of a larger narrative.

Block’s recent financials reflect its underlying strength and potential for rebound. In the third quarter, Block reported revenue of $5.62 billion, exceeding forecasts by $190 million. This performance underscores Block’s capacity to navigate market fluctuations and maintain growth momentum. Furthermore, strategic decisions, such as the introduction of a self-custody crypto wallet and significant leadership shifts, including Jack Dorsey’s return, illustrate Block’s commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Moreover, Block’s involvement in various fintech segments, from digital payments to cryptocurrency, positions it well within the evolving financial landscape. The company’s initiatives, coupled with a broadening product portfolio, signal a strategic approach to capturing emerging market trends.

Despite the challenges faced in the past year, Block stands on the brink of potential growth spurts, buoyed by the fintech industry’s explosive expansion. Investors and market watchers alike are keenly observing Block’s moves, as it navigates the intricate dance of innovation and growth within the dynamic fintech ecosystem. As a result, when discussing fintech growth stocks, you cannot ignore this innovative leader.

Global Payments (GPN)

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Global Payments (NYSE:GPN) is a major player in the fintech growth stock market. To get where it is now, it has taken small but steady risks. The most recent news was that the company had teamed up with Commerzbank in Germany, showing that it is ready to explore more markets around the world. This action shows the unique trend of Global Payments in a fintech market that is always changing.

Shannon Johnston was hired as Chief Information Officer, which shows that the company wants to be a leader in technology. This smart move shows that it is still determined to improve its IT system and stay a fintech star.

The financial numbers for Global Payments’ third quarter of 2023 were truly amazing. Sales for the company went up by an amazing 8.3%, to $2.48 billion, compared to the same time in 2022. Also, business income rose by an incredible 44.4% to $558 million. Global Payments could raise its net income by about 24.6%, or $361.83 million. These numbers show that the company has grown a lot and become very efficient in a very competitive field.

Baird’s choice of Global Payments as one of the top fintech picks for 2024 suggests that the company has a better chance of long-term success than its rivals. Global Payments is seen as one of the biggest players in the fintech growth stock market because of its clear strategy goals and strong track record of financial performance.

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