10% losses likely as MANTA teases with a possible sell signal

  • Manta Network price remains in the upper half of the Bollinger indicator above the centerline at $3.1428.
  • MANTA could fall 10% amid falling momentum, with a pending sell signal on the H2 timeframe.
  • Invalidation of the bearish thesis will occur if the price creates a higher high above $3.5165.

Manta Network (MANTA) price remains broadly bullish, but things could change soon amid falling momentum that teases with a pending sell signal.

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Manta price coukl find strong support after a 10% fall

Manta Network price is trading with a bullish bias on the 2-hour timeframe, overperforming above an ascending trendline. It remains in the top half of the Bollinger indicator, between the centerline and the upper band at $4.1428 and $3.3544 levels respective.

Based on the outlook of the Relative Strength Index (RSI), momentum is falling, and could soon record a bearish crossover, cutting through the signal line (yellow band) to the south. With such a crossover deemed a sell signal, the Manta Network price could lose the support offered by the centerline at $3.1428, likely recording a 10% downswing from current levels, to find strong support between the confluence of the ascending trendline and horizontal support at $2.8194.

In the dire case, MANTA price could roll over to the $2.6024 support level, nearly 23% below the current price.

MANTA/USDT 2-hour chart

On the other hand, with the RSI at 61, the price strength is positive with more room north before MANTA can be considered overbought at 70. With this, enhanced buyer momentum could send Manta Network price north, shattering past the upper band of the Bollinger indicator at $3.3544.

For the bearish thesis to be invalidated, however, Manta Network price must clear the range high at $3.5165 and record a higher high above it.